Advantages and Disadvantages of C Language

Advantages and Disadvantages of C Language

Here you will find out about Advantages and disservices of C language.

Advantages of C Language

C language is a structure obstruct for some other presently known languages.

C language has an assortment of information types and ground-breaking administrators.

Because of this, programs written in C language are productive, quick and straightforward.

C is exceptionally convenient language. This implies C programs composed for one

PC can undoubtedly keep running on another PC with no change or by doing a little change.

There are just 32 watchwords in ANSI C and its quality lies in its implicit functions.

A few standard functions are accessible which can be utilized for creating programs.

Another significant bit of leeway of C is its capacity to broaden itself. A-C program is

fundamentally an accumulation of functions that are bolstered by the C library this makes us simpler to add our own functions to C library.

Because of the accessibility of huge number of functions, the programming undertaking ends up basic.

C language is an organized programming language. This makes the client to think about an issue as far

as function modules or squares. Gathering of these modules makes a total program. This secluded structure makes

program troubleshooting, testing and support simpler.

Inconveniences/Disadvantages of C Language

C doesn’t have an idea of OOPs, that is the reason C++ is created.

There is no runtime checking in C language.

There is no severe sort of checking. For example, we can pass a whole number worth.

for the skimming information type.

C doesn’t have the idea of the namespace.

C doesn’t have the idea of constructor or destructor.


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