Best DA Do-follow High Web 2.0 Sites List For 2020 [50+ Site List]


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Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a web 2.0 locales rundown to make backlink and rank higher in web crawlers?

At that point, this post will assist you with knowledge about the entire web 2.0 and In reward, you will get locales rundown to get manage to follow the connection.

The Internet has made considerable progress. After its initiation, it was generally frequented by tech nerds who were keen on tech know-how, i.e., how the stage worked, concentrating less on what the stage can do.

Throughout the years, through enormous jumps and hops, we have a stage on our hands, which most likely reaps the biggest measure of human consideration. Presently we have sites that emphasis more on speaking with one another.

A portion of these sites is currently billiondollar organizations and domains.

The majority of well-known sites like Facebook and Twitter depend on Web 2.0 innovation. Be that as it may, what precisely is a web 2.0 site?

How about we plunge into it

What is a Web 2.0 site?

Web 2.0 is a stage forward to build the amiability and systems administration of various individuals and various sites.

The underlying variant of the web had static pages that were typically investigated by tech nerds. However, with the improvement of web 2.0, the web was wanted to be infiltrated over the overall population.

This change, they thought, could be accomplished by building dynamic sites that include liveliness and more client association.

Also, building informal communication sites that encourage correspondence among individuals, further expanding the range of the web to various family units.

Web 2.0 likewise focused on content produced by clients. So there would be an independent model where clients would general substance just as expend content among themselves.

A portion of the examples of web 2.0 administrations are Google Maps, Google Docs, YouTube, WordPress, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

How is A Web 2.0 Site Different From the Others?

What makes web 2.0 stand apart from its forerunner is that it advances a read-compose approach among clients contrasted with web 1.0 which advanced a read-just methodology.

Web 2.0 brought many propelled highlights, for example, accessibility across various stages, constant conversations among various individuals, consolidations of various media.

These administrations weren’t offered before, and with Web 2.0, it made a stage for administrations like Facebook and Twitter to flourish with.

How to Use them for Building Backlinks?

The Internet is brimming with web 2.0 sites now. It is a straightforward choice for web 2.0 sites to be fruitful, it is smarter to get joins from another web 2.0 sites positioning higher up in the web crawlers.

Here are two critical methods for getting backlinks:

Making Profiles on Major Social Networking Websites:

The initial step is to tell the web search tools about the presence of your site. This can be accomplished by making profiles on sites like Alexa, Facebook, LinkedIn.

You can likewise include your site/business to Google My Business Page.

Connections from these sites help your site record quicker in web index results. Just as, you get some top-notch backlinks from high positioning sites.

Spreading your Website’s Footprint:

Subsequent to making your profile, you have to make your image’s character across various internet based life channels. You can make profiles on Quora and Yahoo Answers and answer significant inquiries basic to your speciality.

You can make content in a gathering also and dropping a connection that focuses back to your site. Ensure that you don’t exaggerate the backlinking part as it would welcome a punishment from Google.

Top 10 Web 2.0 Websites for Link Building

There are loads of sites accessible on the web that will assist you with getting great connection juice. In any case, for that accurate explanation, it is typically harder to locate the best among the group.

Regardless of whether your land joins from another site, you must be extra cautious about not landing terrible connections. On the off chance that during the time spent structure joins, you get five great connections, one awful connection can spill water on your difficult work.

One great approach to counter this is to have a strong establishment of backlinks from high area authority sites.

These backlinks will go about as a cushion and assurance against any incidental procurement of vindictive connections later on. What’s more, your SEO‌ rankings additionally get helped.

So it is a two-headed lance which encourages you to improve your presentation to web indexes and their crawlers.

Contemplating that, we write down probably the best sites. These sites have been ordered into various classes.

Classification A: Blogging Websites

These sites are generally used to fabricate individual web journals and sites. You can make auxiliary sites with extra information and connection them back to your primary site.

You can likewise utilize various segments of the site: footer, side gadgets, and headers to put connects to your primary site


First up, we have by Google. has an area authority of 100, which will help your web index rankings.

Since you intend to make an auxiliary site, you mustn’t burn through a decent measure of time in making the whole blog/site. On account of Google’s sponsorship, the whole procedure of making a blog is very clear.


WordPress and Blogger ordinarily lock horns against one another with regards to picking the best stage for making your site. WordPress is one of the most well-known stages, driving about 30% of the web.

In any case, it doesn’t make a difference which you choose.‌ Creating your site on one stage, you can generally make an auxiliary site on the other stage.

Note that we are not discussing oneself facilitated programming by WordPress however the free blog from This free blog gives you a WordPress subdomain with a space authority of 94.

Like Blogger, it is anything but difficult to begin, and with some great substance, you can begin positioning substance from your subsequent site too!


Perhaps the most recent participant in the blogging speciality, Wix, intends to assist clients with making sites in only minutes. With intuitive developers and various subjects, you can without much of a stretch set up the site.

Their administration targets clients who have no past thought of building a site previously, so you don’t need to start to perspire while making your site.

When you make your profile and pick your space name, Wix framework will help you in making your customized site. With a space authority of 93, you can have a decent progression of connection juice going to your site.

4) Weebly

To wrap things up, Weebly is one of the underestimated administrations accessible at the present time. Note that it is a free assistance, and you get a .weebly subdomain.

It may not be as easy to use as Wix, yet it is still simple to explore and move around contrasted with Blogger and WordPress. They have inbuilt devices and subjects, so you don’t need to google your way around to realize how to work the site.

It has an area authority of 92.

Class B: Social MarketingWebsite

These sorts of sites are normally puts where you can advance your site. Not unequivocally, however, you can utilize it cleverly to get some connection squeeze and traffic.

You need to take care that you do your third party referencing in an unobtrusive way or you may bring about a posting boycott of sorts.

1) Reddit

Maybe extraordinary compared to other rising sites of late occasions; you can utilize Reddit two to complete two employments simultaneously: first, expanding the focused on traffic by posting on a specific speciality. What’s more, second, building backlinks.

Reddit is a stage that blossoms with posting fascinating connections. You are generally given a no-follow connect, however with some upvotes that can get changed to the do-follow interface.

On the off chance that you know a thing or about the inclining subject, you can ride the wave by covering the substance. Obscure sites get overflowed with traffic on the off chance that it goes to the landing page, you can, in any event, check out.

Regardless of whether it doesn’t click by numerous individuals yet it will, in any case, click with certain individuals and you will land up with a do-follow interface.

Reddit has a space authority score of 90, enough to give great social sign toward web search tool crawlers.

In spite of the fact that you need to ensure that you are not straightforwardly doing the advancement of your site as it would prompt a boycott your record.

2) StumbleUpon

Very few will think about this site, however, whenever utilized appropriately it can give you large gains in third party referencing and obtaining.

Stumbleupon is a substance aggregator site. It exclusively takes a shot at gathering connections of various sites and giving them under various spaces. You can give your accommodation of connections to presentation to traffic, however here we will concentrate on making a profile on the site

StumbleUpon has a Domain Authority of 90. Dissimilar to YouTube, it offers you a no-follow connect. However, you can connect that to a particular keyword.

In spite of the fact that it furnishes you with a no-follow interface, the web crawler trust this site and can help increment your general SEO of the site.

Like YouTube, it gives you quicker slithering rates for moment results.

3) Quora

Quora can be utilized adequately in third party referencing.

You can respond to inquiries from the class important to your speciality and drop a connection back to your site.

For eg: in the event that you answer an important inquiry and you have secured the equivalent on your site, you can include a read more tag beneath the appropriate response.

Quora doesn’t give you a dofollow connect, however it can give you significant traffic which can be adapted through Affiliate Marketing and a lot more things.

One shouldn’t generally mean to get do-follow joins, as one needs to keep up a solid harmony between both do-follow and no-follow joins.

You can likewise utilize Yahoo Answers to get backlinks to your site also.

4) Live Journal

Very few would have known about this site. Be that as it may, this used to be mainstream in the previous decade. Individuals used to impart their diaries to others.

Bit by bit however throughout the years, its prevalence has been diving down.

Yet, you can, in any case, utilize this administration adequately. It has been live since 2003 and has a high Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Both these elements come helpful to support your SERPs. In addition, you additionally get do-follow joins, not at all like Reddit which further encourages you in third party referencing.

Classification C: Microblogging Websites

These sites remain someplace in the initial two classifications. At the point when you would prefer not to make your undeniable site yet would prefer not to confine yourself on content-wise also.

We did exclude Twitter here as we needed to concentrate on a site that gives you the choice to make content longer than the 200-word limit set by Twitter.

1) Tumblr

Tumblr is well known among the different fandoms. You can use the equivalent for building both backlinks to your site and boosting traffic to your site, also.

You can make your microblogging site to make your substance backlinking to the site, just as making your own profile and adding your site’s connect to it. On account of an area authority score of 99, you will get positioned effectively and quick.

Furthermore, the best part is dissimilar to Facebook and Twitter; it offers you do-follow connecting. You can add connects to your post and each re-post of another blog section. In addition, you can include a connection legitimately or stay it on a particular catchphrase.

2) Medium

Medium is one of the ongoing microblogging stages yet it has overwhelmed the world.

The fundamentals continue as before; you get a backlink for making your profile. Simultaneously, in the event that you need to have a peruser base, you can do likewise.

The advantage of utilizing Medium is that you can make your fan base and advance your site among them, making another road for web traffic.

It has a space authority score of 93.

I think now you got enough data about Web 2.0 and You definitely know a portion of the huge sites which works like Web 2.0,

In any case, Wait,

I think you need some more Web 2.0 Site List to make more backlinks for your blog.

In the event that you need to do this, Then here is the rundown of 200 web 2.0 webpage list which gives you a do-follow connect.

In any case, before that, I need to mindful you that web 2.0 is extremely dangerous and take more endeavours and If you are imagining that you can make a backlink on computerization yet it’s definitely not,

So I prescribe you to just make backlink from high position destinations like Blogger, Quora (By including your connection), WordPress, Wix and some more (Which are recorded previously)

Alright! In the event that you are trinkets to know more locales, at that point here it is,

50+ Web 2.0 Sites List (more will be added soon!)

So here we reach a conclusion, I trust you appreciate this entire article in light of the fact that In this we attempted to clarify you entire web 2.0 and In reward, we additionally give you 50+ web 2.0 destinations list from which you can get a decent number of backlinks.

This backlink can assist you with boosting your inquiry positioning and list your site a lot snappier.

In the event that you have any suggestion and additionally, If you have any question, at that point, Let me know in the remark segment.

Thank You for seeing this Article! if you did like it, Then Check out my other articles related to Blogging.

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