BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator in Python

In this Python article, we will figure out how to make a BMI (represents – Body Mass Index) adding machine?

Given the weight and tallness of an individual and we need to discover the BMI (Body Mass Index) utilizing Python.


    Height = 1.75
    Weigth = 64

    BMI is: 20.89 and you are: Healthy

The means that we will pursue are:

We will initially get input esteems from client utilizing information() and convert it to skim utilizing glide().

We will utilize the BMI equation, which is weight/(height**2).

At that point print the outcome utilizing restrictive articulations.

Here we have utilized elif on the grounds that once we fulfil a condition we would prefer not to check the remainder of the announcements.

Program to ascertain BMI in Python

# getting input from the user and assigning it to user

height = float(input("Enter height in meters: "))
weight = float(input("Enter weight in kg: "))

# the formula for calculating bmi

bmi = weight/(height**2) 
# ** is the power of operator i.e height*height in this case

print("Your BMI is: {0} and you are: ".format(bmi), end='')

if ( bmi < 16):
   print("severely underweight")

elif ( bmi >= 16 and bmi < 18.5):

elif ( bmi >= 18.5 and bmi < 25):

elif ( bmi >= 25 and bmi < 30):

elif ( bmi >=30):
   print("severely overweight")


BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator in Python

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