C# Convert.ToInt32(long) Method – Convert long value to int

C# Convert.ToInt32(long) Method: Here, we will figure out how to change over a long value to an integer value in C#?

C# Convert.ToInt32(long) Method

Convert.ToInt32(long) Method is utilized to change over a particular 64-piece marked integer (long) value to its proportionate 32-bits marked integer (int32).

Note: Value to be changed over ought not to surpass the scope of a marked 32-piece integer.


int Convert.ToInt32(long value);

It acknowledges a long value/variable as contention and returns its proportional marked integer.


    int a = 1234567;

    int a = - 7654321;


using System;
using System.Text;

namespace Test
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            long a = 1234567;
            long b = -7654321;
            long c = 47878330;
            Console.WriteLine("value of a: {0}, type of a: {1}", a, a.GetType());
            Console.WriteLine("value of b: {0}, type of b: {1}", b, b.GetType());
            Console.WriteLine("value of c: {0}, type of c: {1}", c, c.GetType());

            //converting to Int32 & printing values & types
            Console.WriteLine("value: {0}, type: {1}", Convert.ToInt32(a), Convert.ToInt32(a).GetType());
            Console.WriteLine("value: {0}, type: {1}", Convert.ToInt32(b), Convert.ToInt32(b).GetType());
            Console.WriteLine("value: {0}, type: {1}", Convert.ToInt32(c), Convert.ToInt32(c).GetType());

            //hit ENTER to exit


value of a: 1234567, type of a: System.Int64
value of b: -7654321, type of b: System.Int64
value of c: 47878330, type of c: System.Int64
value: 1234567, type: System.Int32
value: -7654321, type: System.Int32
value: 47878330, type: System.Int32

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