Create an associative array in PHP

PHP acquainted exhibit creation: Here, we will figure out how to make a cooperative cluster in PHP?

In an affiliated cluster, we can determine the values with the keys. At that point, the following two things are required to make an affiliated cluster: 1) key, and 2) value

the key can be utilized as a record to get to the value from the cluster.

Note: To make a cooperative or different kind of the cluster, we use array() function.


    array(key1=>value1, key2=>value2, key3=>value3, ...);


Right now, are making a cooperative exhibit, printing the values: 1) Using keys, and 2) Printing total cluster with keys and values

	//creating student array with keys & values
	$std = array('id' => "121", 'name' => "Kishan", 'course' => "B.Tech");

	//printing elemenets
	print ("std elements...\n");
	print ("Id = " . $std['id'] . " Name = " . $std['name'] . " Course = " . $std['course']);
	//printing array using for each loop
	//printing complete array
	print ("std...\n");


std elements...
Id = 101 Name = Amit Course = B.Techstd...
    [id] => 121
    [name] => Kishan
    [course] => B.Tech

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