Data Types and Naming Conventions in Java

Data Types in Java

  • Used to speak to the kind of memory distribution.
  • Utilized with factors and techniques.
  • These are fixed.
Data Types and Naming Conventions in Java

Crude information types are characterized as of now by the programming

language. In Java, there are 8 crude information types.

Data Types and Naming Conventions in Java

Non-Primitive Data Types

Non-Primitive information types are characterized by the client. They are

Class, Array, Interface and String.

Naming Conventions in Java

There are barely any naming shows characterized by the Java language that ought to be remembered while giving the name of a class, interface,

work, and so on.

Class and Interface: First letter of each word ought to be

capitalized. Ex: MyClassName.

Strategy: First letter of the first word is lowercase while

the first letter of different words is capitalized. Ex: myMethodName().

Bundle and Keyword: In lowercase. Ex: int, drift, static, and so on.

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