Features of Java Language

Features of Java Language

Highlights of Java Language


  • Java gets its sentence structure from C and object-oriented highlights from C++.
  • In the event that you are great in C and C++ programming, at that point you can learn Java effectively. Subsequently, Java is Simple.


  • Java gives its own execution condition and henceforth don’t enable any malignant program to get to different pieces of PC.
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) confirms the code before execution (sandbox security).


  • Java is stage autonomous for example Compose Once and Run Anywhere (WORA).
  • At the point when java program is incorporated a .class document (bytecode) is made. This .class record can run on any stage (Linux, windows, macintosh). You simply need JVM of that stage.


Java is called as strong due to the following two highlights:

  • Programmed Memory Management
  • Programmed Exception Handling


  • Java is object-oriented programming language the same as C++.
  • It implies centre around the information and strategies that control that information as opposed to dealing with methodology.


  • Java underpins multithreaded programming.
  • It enables you to compose programs that do numerous things all the while.

Engineering Neutral

  • Java is machine free.
  • It was made with the objective “compose once; run anyplace, whenever, until the end of time”.


  • Java empowers the production of cross-stage program for example bytecode.
  • This code can be executed on any stage that has JVM.


  • Java bytecode can be effectively executed on any machine for extremely superior by utilizing a without a moment to spare (JIT) compiler.


  • Java programs convey with them considerable measures of run-time type data that is utilized to check and resolve gets to objects at run time.


  • Java empowers the production of conveyed applications which can be gotten to on the web.

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