HTML Attributes

Right now, will find out about the HTML characteristics with point by point clarification of a portion of the traits with models.

Credits are utilized to give extra data of a label, for example, it’s arrangements, shading, size of the content and other. The properties are given with the label that is between the precise sections after the label name. The properties have a name and a worth. The quality worth is given after the name of the ascribe with an equivalent to the image. The properties are indicated with the beginning tag of the component. The estimation of the quality is commonly given inside the twofold statements. The worth could likewise be determined in single citations.


    <FONT SIZE="10"> A TEXT </FONT>

In the above model, the FONT is the component tag and the SIZE is the trait for the label FONT. The characteristic SIZE determines the property of the textual style which is obvious for the substance of the text style tag “A TEXT”. The size has been relegated an estimation of “10”.

Some ordinarily utilized qualities

1) The HEIGHT and WIDTH characteristic

The tallness and width quality determines these properties of the component for which it has been utilized, and they get the qualities in pixels. A guide to representing the tallness trait is as per the following:

    <img src="yourimage.jpg"  height="42">

The above code would create a picture with tallness of 10px regardless of its genuine stature.

A guide to delineate the width trait is as per the following:

    <img src="yourimage.jpg"  width="42">

2) The HREF characteristic

The href characteristic, it indicates the label the URL of a page where the connection needs to, likewise the href credit is additionally used to determines the base URL for the various related URLs for that page.

    <a href="">Visit me</a>

The href quality could likewise be applied to the stay (an), AREA, BASE and numerous different labels.

3) The SRC quality

The src quality determines the area or the URL of the necessary document which is available at some outside source.

The document that is indicated could be any record, for example, a picture or a sound or some other media record.

Underneath model shows the utilization of src to indicate the picture address.

    <img src="yourlocationthenimagename.jpg">

Another case of the src trait is the point at which it used to indicate a record for the content component.

    <script src="myscripts.js"></script>

4) The STYLE trait

The style credit is utilized to indicate the style for HTML, that is the introduction of the substance on the website page. It gives the inline style to the component. The style trait could be utilized for a large portion of the components as it influences the showcase of that component.


    <p style="color:green">This is a paragraph.</p>

This is a paragraph.

5) The ALT trait

The alt credit is utilized to indicate a bit of elective data to the component. This elective data could be for a picture if on the off chance that the picture isn’t shown to the client.


    <img src="yourimage.jpg" alt=" AN IMAGE ">

Different labels where the alt quality could be utilized are INPUT and AREA labels.

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