PHP $_SERVER (Super Global) Variable with Example

PHP $_SERVER (Super Global) Variable with Example

PHP $_SERVER: Here, we will find out about a too worldwide variable $_SERVER in PHP with example.


PHP $_SERVER is a cluster that contains the server-related data like headers, ways, and content areas, a web server passages this data in this exhibit is open through the $_SERVER variable.

PHP $_SERVER superglobal variable is significant and is utilized to get data about the server name, records root, and numerous others. There are numerous components accessible in the $_SERVER superglobal exhibit. We will take a gander at a couple of most ordinarily utilized in the given example.

Example of $_SERVER in PHP

PHP code to exhibit an example of $_SERVER

	// file name of the present executing script
	echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . '<br>';
	//the document root of the server
	echo $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '<br>';
	//the ip address of the server
	echo $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] . '<br>';
	//the name of the server
	echo $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . '<br>';
	//the method the page is using to request
	echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] . '<br>';
	// the time stamp of the start of the request
	echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'] . '<br>';
	//used to detect the OS, browser
	echo $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] . '<br>';
	// the current user ip address


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Note: The output depends individually on the PC, so yours might be unique.

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