PHP gettimeofday() function with example

PHP gettimeofday() function: Here, we will find out about the PHP gettimeofday() function with its syntax, parameters, returns type, and example.

PHP gettimeofday() function

gettimeofday() function is utilized to get the present time.




return_float – It is a discretionary parameter which is utilized to indicate the arrival value as buoy rather than a cooperative cluster. To indicate the buoy value – we set its value as “genuine”.

Return value:

It restores an affiliated exhibit with the accompanying key values,

  • sec – it is utilized to get the time in seconds since the UNIX age
  • usec – it is utilized to get the time in microseconds
  • minuteswest – it is utilized to get the time in minutes (west of Greenwich)
  • dsttime – it is utilized for the kind of DST remedy

Example: PHP code to exhibit an example of gettimeofday() function

//getting the time with all keys
$result = gettimeofday();
echo "gettimeofday()...\n";

//extracting indivisual values based on the keys
echo "sec:          $result[sec]\n";
echo "usec:         $result[usec]\n";
echo "minuteswest:  $result[minuteswest]\n";
echo "dsttime:      $result[dsttime]\n";

//getting time in float
$result = gettimeofday(true);
echo "result in float: $result\n";


    [sec] => 1565701750
    [usec] => 950047
    [minuteswest] => 0
    [dsttime] => 0
sec:          1565701750
usec:         950047
minuteswest:  0
dsttime:      0
result in float: 1565701751.0216

Reference: PHP gettimeofday() function

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