Python Create Employee Class with Constructor and Destructor

Worker/Employee class utilizing Constructor and Destructor in Python: This is an example of Python class and article, here; we are going to execute an Employee class with Constructor and Destructor in Python?

Python – representative class utilizing Constructor and Destructor code:

# employee class code in Python
# class definition
class Employee:
    def __init__(self): #Constructor
        self.__id = 0
        self.__name = ""
        self.__gender = ""
        self.__city = ""
        self.__salary = 0
        print("Object Initialized.")
    def __del__(self): #Destructor
        print("Object Destroyed.")
    def setData(self):
        self.__id=int(input("Enter Id\t:"))
        self.__name = input("Enter Name\t:")
        self.__gender = input("Enter Gender:")
        self.__city = input("Enter City\t:")
        self.__salary = int(input("Enter Salary:"))
    def __str__(self):
        data = "["+str(self.__id)+","+self.__name+","+self.__gender+","+self.__city+","+str(self.__salary)+"]"
        return data
    def showData(self):
        print("Name\t:", self.__name)
        print("Gender\t:", self.__gender)
        print("City\t:", self.__city)
        print("Salary\t:", self.__salary)

def main():
    #Employee Object

if __name__=="__main__":


Enter Name:     kishan
Enter Gender:   male
Enter City:     raipur
Enter Salary:   75000
Id              : 1
Name    : kishan
Gender  : male
City    : raipur
Salary  : 75000	

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