Python LCM – 2 Ways to find LCM

In this article, we’ll see other ways to seek out multiple in Python with program examples.

Basically multiple may be the smallest variety that’s separable by each number (or all). allow us to see however we will realize multiple of 2 numbers in python.

Using Loop

First, we discover the larger variety of 2 given numbers. ranging from it and can try and realize the primary variety that’s separable by each, that is multiple.


if x > y:  
   greater = x  
   greater = y  
   if((greater % x == 0) and (greater % y == 0)):  
        lcm = greater  
   greater =  greater + 1
print ("Least common multiple = ", lcm)


Least whole number = sixty

In higher than a program, initial we’re finding larger variety, then begin a loop. within the loop we’ll realize variety that may be separable by each of given numbers n1 and n2.

after we can get that variety we’ll store it into a brand new variable referred to as multiple. If didn’t get then we’ll increase larger by one.

As we all know the quantity are going to be larger than each of the numbers that why we’re begin checking multiple from greater number.

Using GCD

If you have the essential information of arithmetic, then you’d understand that we will realize multiple terribly simply exploitation GCD.

Here is that the formula:

number 1 * variety two = multiple * GCD


LCM = (number one * variety 2)/GCD of number1 and a pair of

Let’s implement this formula to the program.

import math
def get_lcm(n1,n2):
  #find gcd
  gcd = math.gcd(n1,n2)
  result = (n1*n2)/gcd
  return result
n1 = 12
n2  = 20
lcm = get_lcm(n1,n2)
print("least common multiple  =  ", lcm)


least whole number = sixty.0

So in higher than the program we’ve have operated that receives 2 arguments and so within it,

initial we’ll find GCD and at that time we’re applying given formula to seek out multiple with the assistance of GCD and come it.

So these were 2 best ways in which to induce the multiple of two given numbers. however what if we’ve quite 2 numbers. thus here is that the program for it.

How to realize multiple of quite 2 numbers?

from math import gcd
list1 = [12,48,8,60]   
lcm = list1[0]
for i in list1[1:]:
  lcm = int(lcm*i/gcd(lcm, i))
print("least common multiple =  ", lcm)


least whole number = 240

So in higher than a program, we have an Associate in the Nursing list of numbers and so we’ll store initial item of the list in variable multiple.

Then we’ll loop through all the weather gift within the list1. within the loop we’ll multiply multiple with i/GCD of lcm and that i. thus once breaking the loop we’ll get our multiple of all numbers in variable lcm.

If you’ve any downside or suggestion associated with python multiple programs then please allow us to understand in the comment box.

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