Python program to convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice-versa

In this Python program, we will figure out how to change over Fahrenheit to Celsius and Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Formula Used:

    Celsius to Fahrenheit:  °C= (5/9)*(°F-32)
    Fahrenheit to Celsius:  °F= (9/5)*(°C) + 32


# Define a function to convert
# celsius temperature to Fahrenheit
def Celsius_to_Fahrenheit(c) :
    f = (9/5)*c + 32
    return f
# Define a function to convert
# Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius
def Fahrenheit_to_Celsius(f) :
    c = (5/9)*(f - 32)
    return c

# Driver Code
if __name__ == "__main__" :
    c = 36
    print(c, "degree celsius is equal to:",Celsius_to_Fahrenheit(c),"Fahrenheit")
    f = 98
    print(f,"Fahrenheit is equal to:",Fahrenheit_to_Celsius(f),"degree celsius")


    36 degree celsius is equal to: 96.8 Fahrenheit
    98 Fahrenheit is equal to: 36.66666666666667 degree celsius

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