Python program to find the greatest integer using floor() method

An example of floor() strategy in Python: Here, we will figure out how to locate the best number utilizing floor() technique in Python?

The best whole number capacity is a capacity (genuine numbers work) to itself that is characterized as pursues: it sends any genuine number to the biggest number that is not exactly or equivalent to it.

The best whole number capacity of floor strategy example 0 is meant by floor technique example 1.

The best whole number capacity is identified with the partial part (once in a while indicated floor technique example 2) of the number as pursues: for any floor strategy example 3, we have: floor strategy example 4

Progressively about most noteworthy whole number capacity: floor() and roof capacities | Wikipedia

Python code to discover the most prominent whole number (Use of floor() strategy)


# Python code to find greatest integer 
# (Use of floor() method)

import math #importing class

num = float(input("Enter any float number: "))
print("math.floor(num): ", math.floor(num))

num = float(input("Enter another float number: "))
print("math.floor(num): ", math.floor(num))


Enter any float number: 56.892
math.floor(num):  56
Enter another float number: -34.567
math.floor(num):  -35

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