Python program to find the maximum ODD number

Discovering the most extreme ODD number: Here, we are going to actualize a python program that will include N number and locate the greatest ODD number.

Information N whole number numbers and we need to locate the most extreme odd number.

There are numerous methods for doing this yet this time, we need to thought of most computationally productive calculation to do as such.

Python code to locate the most extreme ODD number:

# Python code to find the maximum ODD number 

n = 0		# loop counter
num = 0		# to store the input
maxnum = 0	# to store maximum ODD number

# loop to take input 10 number
while n<10:
    num = int(input("Enter your number: "))
    if num%2 != 0:
        if num > maxnum:
            maxnum = num
    n += 1

# printing the 	maximum ODD number
print("The maximum ODD number :",maxnum)


Enter your number: 121
Enter your number: 234
Enter your number: 561
Enter your number: 800
Enter your number: 780
Enter your number: 870
Enter your number: 122
Enter your number: 345
Enter your number: 679
Enter your number: 986
The maximum ODD number : 679

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