SELECT TOP with Example in SQL

In this past article, we found out about Injection. Presently, in this article we will examine about SELECT TOP in SQL.

SELECT TOP is utilized to restore the quantity of records, it is quick and its presentation is awesome. It is exceptionally valuable for the huge database having a huge number of records.

SELECT TOP is utilized in various manners in various databases.


  • MS Access: select top number column_name from table_name;
  • MS Access: select top percent column_name from table_name;
  • MySQL: select column_name from table_name LIMIT number;
  • Prophet: select column_name from table_name where ROWNUM (<=, >=, ==) number;



SQL Query utilizing Oracle Database:

SELECT TOP with Example in SQL


SELECT TOP with Example in SQLIn this article, we have found out about the SELECT TOP technique to recover information from the database. It is extremely valuable for recovering information from the enormous database. We will find out about SQL in the up and coming article.

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