SQL query to add values in column

In this article, we will find out about a SQL inquiry to include the values in the table segments.

This one of the most widely recognized thing we do in the database. Thus, how about we plunge into it. The Column is definitive idea of how and what value can be put away in the record.

For example, in the example given beneath, we have three segments id, name, address. In this way, every record will be embedded and chosen by these names.

This example is about the addition of a record in the database. The First thing you should deal with is table name and its fields.

Along these lines, to embed a record, essentially state to your database that: embed into the table(name of the table) and afterward offer values to it.

The Order of fields you will give in the inquiry ought to be same as the values.

Table (worker) having three fields and four information in it,

    Id		Name		Address

    100		Aman		Mumbai
    200		Arun		Pune
    300		Karan		Delhi
    400		Aman		Mumbai

In above table, we have three sections in table worker which have four lines of information in it and we have to will be to make an addition question to include information in these segments, so we use embed into with values to include those values in segments. At that point the exact opposite thing we have to do is to show the adjustment in information by printing it on the console.


INSERT INTO employee(id,name,address) 
VALUES (500,'Sumit','Indore');

Query to display records:

SELECT * FROM employee;


SQL query to add values in column

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