switch statement in C Semi Advanced

In the last instructional exercise, I educated you concerning the language structure and working of a program utilizing switch watchword.

Well in everyday programming we by and large don’t utilize that grammar in C. This is supposing that we utilize the previous strategy then it will execute all the consequent proclamations after the condition turns genuine.

switch explanation in C

So we need a language structure that will execute just a specific arrangement of explanations when the condition turns genuine.

So let’s check out the development alteration of switch explanation with break catchphrase.

Sentence structure

switch(integer articulation)


case steady 1: Statement 1;


case steady 2; Statement 2;


. . . . . .

. . . . . .

default: Statement 3;


Clarification of the above sentence structure

Well the entire sentence structure is practically same. Be that as it may, in the above sentence structure we have included break catchphrase after the cases.

Recall that we by and large don’t utilize proceed with catchphrase with switch.

Working of break watchword in switch articulation

As should be obvious I have offered reprieve watchword after each case. It’s working in switch case is practically same as in circles.

In the event that the compiler experiences break catchphrase in the switch, at that point it will take the control to the outside of switch square.

The ideal method to comprehend it is through a program.

void main()
 int i=10;
  case 1: printf("Hey its 1");
  case 10: printf("Hey its 10");
  case 7: printf("Hey its 7");
  default: printf("Hey its default");


Hey its 10


In the start of the program, I have proclaimed a whole number variable with esteem 10.

After that I have composed switch watchword with whole number articulation I. It implies the compiler will check the estimation of I (which is 10) with every one of the cases.

In the primary case, I have composed a whole number consistent ‘1’ which turns false.

So compiler will skirt that case.

In the second case, I have composed a whole number consistent ’10’ which turns genuine. So compiler will execute the announcements under that case.

Presently soon after the printf() work, I have composed a break watchword. So it will assume the responsibility for the program outside the switch square.

Focuses to recollect

You can likewise compose numerous announcements under each case to execute them.

Also, you won’t have to give separate supports for them, as the switch proclamation executes all announcements once the condition turns genuine.

Keep in mind default catchphrase is discretionary. Its totally rely upon us whether we need it or not in our program.

The request for cases and default in the switch square do no make a difference.

You can keep in touch with them in any request yet you should deal with appropriate utilization of break after each case.


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