What are the clause, Keywords and statement in SQL?

Here, we will realize: what are the clauses, keywords and statements in SQL, in an inquiry there are numerous words utilized and we need to realize which is clause, keyword or statement? So how about we comprehend right now.

All through the learning of SQL (organized question language), the accompanying phrasing (words) will be utilized:

  • Keyword
  • Clause
  • Statement

Think about this Query – in view of this Query we will comprehend these words:

SELECT std_id, std_name, std_age,...
FROM student;

1) Keyword

The individual tokens (components) which are predefined, and we can’t change its significance are known as SQL keyboard.

In the given example: The keyword is “SELECT” and “FROM

2) Clause

A clause is a piece of a SQL statement.

In the given example: The clause is “SELECT std_id, std_name, std_age,…”

3) Statement

A total inquiry may allude as “statement” and we can say that arrangement of at least two clauses are known as a “statement” in SQL.

A portion of the standards to compose a SQL statement

The SQL statement isn’t case touchy you may compose the statement regardless (even keywords like SELECT, FROM, DROP and so forth.) are not case delicate.

You can compose a total SQL statement in a solitary line (at the same time, you should isolate them in different lines, every clause ought to be written in independent line).

You may use to improve the SQL Query clarity.

Note: keywords ought to be written in UPPERCASE (for better clarity) and different words ought to be written in lowercase.

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