5 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs, Portfolio, Business & Other {2020 UPDATED}

It’s no doubt that the Blogging industry is growing rapidly, with over 400+ Million people (according to WordPress) visit blogs and view more than 20 Billion blog posts each month.

Which means that people are highly interested in blogs and the demand of blogging is also increasing very fast. To start a blogging website people usually use WordPress the best CMS between the blogging platforms that are out there.

Anyone can easily create a blog by following some simple steps. People also create websites other than a blog like a Website for business, portfolio’s, magazine, news website as well. creating a Blog and installing a WordPress theme is quite easy.

So if you are a blogger who has recently created WordPress Blog, I can help you to get best WordPress plugins that are the best plugin which helps to function the site as well as adds Quality to your site.

These best WordPress plugins are very helpful for every blogger and webmasters on the WordPress Community.

In the following list, we have compiled some of the Top Plugins and came with the top 10 Best plugins for you!

1.Yoast SEO:

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

If you have recently started blogging and you are not using Yoast SEO plugin then you might not go very far.

Yoast plugin is the key to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is extremely required if you want to get ranked highly on search engines.

Yoast SEO plugin is considered as the #1 Plugin for SEO in WordPress.Yoast plugin offers various kinds of features such as optimizing your keywords and synonyms. It helps you to optimize the image, which helps to rank it higher.


2.WP Rocket:

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

It would be a great thing if your site loads faster than before, right? Well, it also helps your site to rank better.

WordPress is considered a Memory-Using CMS, to make sure that WordPress doesn’t load up your site, and give a Web-Server-Crash, Bloggers use a cache plugin along with their Hosting.

Let me tell you this by example:

Imagine 150 (hundred and fifty) users are actively visiting your site/blog. In this type of case, WordPress will run 100x PHP cases to serve the pages to users.

When you use a caching plugin it reduces server load faster and your pages will be served in a matter of seconds.

And there are thousands of Plugins for doing that! And it is a bit confusing to find the best one among them, but WP Rocket is considered as the Best WP-Cache Plugin due to its Minimalism and Effectiveness.


3. Jetpack:

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

With over 5+ Million Active Installs, Jetpack is one of the most well-maintained plugins that any blogger will ever found.

This plugin is even made by the people behind WordPress.

This plugin is a multi-feature plugin, which means that you can do multiple works with only using this plugin.

Here are a few things you can do with the help of only this Plugin:

  • Track what people have searched for & Page Views with analytics.
  • Faster Mobile-Accelerated experience using Lazy Load.
  • Powerful SEO Tools for Various Search Engines.
  • Top-Notch security along with some brute force and anti-spam filtration.

By using this plugin you’ll even gain the ability to Manage Multiple Sites in one Single dashboard.


4.Everest Forms:

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

Do you have a Contact Form in your site?

A form of any kind like Contact, Sign Up etc. is very important for your readers because if they have any queries then they can reach out to you by the form and ask some questions.

Even if people aren’t asking any questions, it’s important to add sign-up forms in order to gain more visitors. And Everest Forms can easily do that for you.

If you use this plugin (Everest Forms) then you can easily add unlimited numbers of forms along with Multiple Columns, even this plugin is fully responsive which means you can use the columns in any portable devices like Smartphone & Tablets as well as Laptops and PCs.



5 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

When your blog starts ranking, it also receives a lot of spams which is kind of a headache, so in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen on your blog, you can use Askimet AntiSpam Plugin which can easily filter bad, abusive or any type of harmful comments.

You can see in the upper picture how Askimet works

Askimet is one of the top plugins to reduce spam, you can just go ahead to the link below to download the plugin. Setting up the plugin is a child’s play!


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