Very useful PHP code snippets for PHP Developer

Valuable PHP code Snippets: This area contains a rundown of the exceptionally helpful PHP code bits for PHP Developers.

1) Getting current date and time in PHP

Here is the code to get the framework’s present date and time in PHP,

echo date('l jS \of F Y h:i:s A');
//output: Friday 18th of October 2019 12:39:53 PM

2) print (get) record augmentation in PHP

Here, we will examine the PHP pathinfo() function which is helpful in getting data about away. This function returns valuable data about a record way including the document name, augmentation, catalogue, and document base name. The beneath example clarifies the use of pathinfo().

	$file_data = pathinfo('/path/to/dir/mynewfile.php');
	echo $file_data['basename'], "\n";
	echo $file_data['dirname'], "\n";
	echo $file_data['filename'], "\n";
	//returns the current file extension
	echo $file_data['extension'];



3) Include a Class from another document in PHP

To remember a class for PHP, we can utilize any of the incorporate/include_once or require/require_once techniques. Right now, will make the function in function.php record and afterwards import it in index.php document.

The substance of function.php:

class myNewClass {
	<!-- Function Goes Here -- >

The substance of Index.php:

$vars = new myNewClass();

Here, when a client visits index.php, upon introduction, function.php is called (due to requiring) and afterwards treated as a piece of index.php. Presently, index.php can call functions from function.php too.

4) Include PHP records when they’re in various envelopes (registries)

Expect that we have the accompanying registry structure:

Directory Root

  • DirectoryA
    • file1.php
    • file2.php
    • file3.php
    • file4.php
    • file5.php
  • DirectoryB
    • index.php

Presently, Assuming that we need to call file(1-5).php in index.php which is in DirectoryB, we can utilize the accompanying methodology:

The substance of index.php:


In the above example, $_SERVER gets the DOCUMENT_ROOT resource in the arrangement for the given site and afterwards performs activities comparative with it, i.e.:/../takes to the parent envelope and afterwards, we add the relative way to record.

5) Import a CSS document in PHP without utilizing HTML position

Here, we will figure out how to import a CSS template into a PHP document without utilizing the HTML connect href.

	<style> //style tag
	// Include the style.css file
	// Close the style tag

6) Find similitude of two strings in PHP

There is a function similar_text() in PHP, that can be utilized to discover the comparability of two strings, this function acknowledges three parameters: 1) string1, 2) string2 and 3) per cent, the percent will have the level of the comparable content.

    $str1 = "Welcome @ JustTechReview";
    $str2 = "Welcome @ JustTechReview";
    $str3 = "Welcome atJustTechReview";
    //Here, $percent will store the percentage of the similarity
    similar_text($str1, $str2, $percent);
    echo "similarity b/w str1 and str2 is: $percent \n";
    similar_text($str2, $str3, $percent);
    echo "similarity b/w str2 and str3 is: $percent \n";


similarity b/w str1 and str2 is: 100
similarity b/w str2 and str3 is: 90.47619047619

7) Generate arbitrary numbers in PHP

To create irregular number in PHP, we can utilize rand() function – it restores an arbitrary number between 0 to getrandmax(). We can likewise indicate the base and most extreme values to create irregular numbers between them.

    //generating 10 random number
    echo "Random numbers are: \n";
    for($count=0; $count<10; $count++)
        echo (rand() . " ");

    //generating 10 random numbers between 50 to 99
    echo "\nRandom numbers b/w 50 to 99 are: \n";
    for($count=0; $count<10; $count++)
        echo (rand(50, 99) . " ");


Random numbers are:
477886177 1803134402 1833202175 1581092595 342280099 2092682811 
361945816 379084078 468756937 1242809286
Random numbers b/w 50 to 99 are:
98 74 50 72 77 61 75 50 75 96

8) Find remote IP address in PHP

        echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];


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