Arrays in C – Set 3

So far I educated you regarding some essential points of clusters in C like the introduction of exhibits, tolerating components in exhibit, printing the qualities from an exhibit, etc.

Today I will educate you concerning one development utilization of exhibits like passing the estimations of clusters to a capacity.

It tends to be done in two different ways, call by worth and call by reference.

Passing Array Elements to a Function

Call by Value

Lets straight away starts with one program.

void printarr(int);
int main()
 int x;
 int nums[]={43,54,64,56,65};
 return 0;
void printarr(int n)
 printf ("n %d",n) ;




I have pronounced a whole number exhibit nums and embedded 10 components into it.

After that, I have begun one for circle. Inside the circle I have thought of one explanation, for example, printer(nums[x]). It will call the capacity printarr().

From the outset the estimation of x is 0. At that point, the principal component of nums exhibit will be passed to the printarr() work.

That worth will be gotten in the conventional contention n of the capacity. After that, it will show the component on the screen with printf() work.

Presently the control again moves to the principle() work. The printarr() work is again called and the second component of exhibit nums is passed to it. This procedure will proceed until the circle quits executing. Also, finally the program will stop.


The code of the program is practically like the past one. In any case, for this situation we are passing the location of exhibit components to the printarr() work.

Note that I have passed the location of exhibit components with the assistance of address of administrator for example and.

The location of the exhibit component is gotten by a whole number pointer variable n.

What’s more, last I have printed the incentive by utilizing printf() work. The yield will be same as a past program.

Which one is better?

As should be obvious both the methodologies are giving similar outcomes. Anyway, I have to do little adjustments in each program. Keep in mind that the subsequent program is superior to the first. Since it is utilizing the pointer.

Use of pointer diminishes the execution time of program. This is the explanation individuals use to incline toward pointers while utilizing exhibits in C.


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