Arrays in C – Set 4

In the last instructional exercise, I enlightened you regarding the memory assignment for clusters.

On the off chance that you are as yet not happy with that theme, at that point I would recommend you to experience that instructional exercise in any event once to comprehend this instructional exercise.

Today I will educate you regarding the use of pointers with exhibits. As I said before pointer works quicker in getting to components of clusters at that point by getting to utilizing its subscript.

For accommodation developers by and large receive the subscript technique yet for making an effective program, it is constantly prescribed to utilize pointers.

Note: This instructional exercise is about projects, so I will give some genuine guides to clarify the point. Presently I am expecting you are OK with the fundamental C language proclamations, so I won’t clarify about them unequivocally.

Access Array Elements utilizing Pointer

int main( )
 int x,*y;
 int nums[]={4,53,44,785,124};
  printf(" element=%d",nums[x]);
  printf(" element=%d",*y);
  y++;  /* Pointer is incrementing */
 return 0;


address =65516   e1ement=4
address =65518   e1ement=53
address =65520   element=44
address =65522   element =785
address =65524   element =124
address =65516   element =4
address =65518   element=53
address =65520   element =44
address =65522   element =785
address =65524   element =124


Above all else, I have proclaimed a number cluster with the name nums. The size of the cluster is five components. I have likewise proclaimed a whole number variable x and a number pointer y.

After that, I have utilized two circles. In the first, I have printed the components and address of every component of the exhibit.

Presently after the first for the circle, I have appointed the location of first exhibit component into a whole number pointer y.

In the second circle, I am showing the location of exhibit components and its qualities by utilizing that number pointer y.

To get to every one of the qualities inside a cluster I am increasing the whole number point consistently inside a circle.

Focuses to Remember

Presently with the above program, I have again confirmed that cluster components are constantly put away in bordering memory areas.

With the second for circle, consider cautiously that a whole number pointer y consistently indicates the following component in the wake of augmenting it to 1 (this is one of the central ideas of pointers in C).

To get to every one of the qualities we have utilized y whole number pointer with printf() work.

What we have realized?

With the program, we have discovered that we can get to the entire cluster by utilizing pointers on the off chance that we know the base location or address of the first component of exhibit.

Another approach to get the base location of a cluster


With the above program, we infer that we can likewise get to the base location of a cluster by simply composing its name.


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