Tesla Model Y The Most economic electric car Ever

tesla model Y

Tesla is producing more and more electric cars over the upcoming year And It has been the best electric car maker worldwide Because of new innovations Model Y is the best electric car ever because it has 66 Cubic feet of cargo space and 300-mile range To travel Between one point two another without having … Read more

Tesla Model X The Best SUV Ever

tesla model x

Tesla has recently announced its best electric SUV Named Tesla model X it is a very Powerful SUV and has seven seats for passengers with a capacity of 88 Cubic feet it is a lot Comfortable For seven-passenger Then any other electric Car it is a little bit expensive on one hand but on another, … Read more

Tesla Model 3 Performance and Overall Range

tesla model 3

Tesla is leading the industry of electric cars and it has launched a new model called “Model 3” Tesla Model three has been the best performer Of all-time for Tesla Company It has been a symbol of Speed and optimization for anyone in the industry because Tesla has been Always trying to make Innovative products … Read more

Tesla Model S The Best electric car

tesla model s

Tesla is the world’s most famous Electric vehicle and It is launching its other model s which can drive More than a thousand kilometres Tesla Model S the best electric vehicle right now and it has a range of 370 miles or 600 km in a single charge. Tesla has been Innovative like never before … Read more

iPhone 11 Pro Review and Buying guide

i phone 11

iPhone 11 is the best camera phone that is available in the market right now and you should consider buying it. iPhones are considered by many to be the best phones on the market. The iPhone X in particular was a flagship phone when it was released. But should you buy a new iPhone? Read … Read more

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