Tesla Model S The Best electric car

Tesla is the world’s most famous Electric vehicle and It is launching

its other model s which can drive More than a thousand kilometres

Tesla Model S the best electric vehicle right now and it has a

range of 370 miles or 600 km in a single charge.

Tesla has been Innovative like never before because it has to produce millions of this product

Without Consuming too much time so they have automated the process for doing that

But early in the company, Too much automation Has caused a problem and even delayed the product

For that Tesla is innovatively testing this product with machine and collaboration of human Workforce

Tesla Model S Speed

Tesla Model S is an electric car but the speed of this Tesla is really amazing because it can Move to speed really fast

It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in Just 2.4 seconds this is really fast and if you’re a Tesla owner then you will Going to enjoy

tesla model s

The royalty of A luxury car And also a sports car Because it is an electric car it has its limitations

but not that much because with Tesla you can travel up to 600 km with a single charge

Also if you want to upgrade your car or let’s say you want to do customization then there is also a report

Where people have travelled 666 miles with a single charge that is 1071 kilometre guys

This is great for an electric car owner because no other company is giving you an offer for that long-range

With Model S you can easily Get to the peak of the speed up to 250 mph This is really fast even for a regular sports car

Tesla Model S Storage

Tesla Model S Has the storage of 30 cu ft. It has achieved that huge space because Tesla does not need an Engine to run

the battery that it has is Install Under the Seats of the car So it does not take much space

More or less This car has the capability to run farther and longer than any other Electric car In this Entire car industry

Tesla Model S Protection

Tesla Model S Is the most protective car That the world has never seen Before

It has become the standard of protection because no other car has a rating of 10 out of 10

for protection of the passengers

Model S is the most protective Car for a passenger because it has the most protective chassis ever because

Tesla runs on a battery and there is no need for engine Is why they have

perfect rollover score for driving safety test.

Tesla Model S Performance

Tesla Has the best performing motor on the electric vehicle uses as Tesla says

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive instantly controls
traction and torque, in all weather conditions


So Tesla Uses Dual Motors to control the car that’s why it can perform significantly much Faster than Any other car.

Tesla Model S Range

Tesla Model S Has a range of 340 miles in a single charge that is a recorded range for Tesla Model S

It takes only 15 minutes for 130 miles a Tesla can easily Charge fully on 50 minutes

Tesla has placed 14,000 Superchargers along well-travelled routes around the world

You can easily travel around each and every corner of the US.

Tesla Model S AutoPilot

Autopilot is the best feature in Tesla cars because it is the first autopilot available for normal car drivers

You can turn on your autopilot and will take you to your designated place without any kind of problem like facing weather issues etc.

Tesla is the best in this category from making autopilot cars because autopilot cars can easily travel a long distance

Without the need of a human driver that’s right, that’s why Tesla is the most famous autopilot car in this century

tesla model s autopilo

Tesla users 360° Rear, side and forward-facing cameras that provide

maximum visibility For The best possible autopilot mode

As Elon musk says that if you are using lidar For autopilot in a car then you’re dommed

because it is old technology and not accurate According to Tesla standards.

Tesla Model S Price In The USA

Tesla Model S Cars Price Distance Range in miles/Kilometer
Model S Long Range $85,000 335/539
Model S Performance $99,000315/506
Model S Super Performance $119,000315/506


Should you buy a Tesla Model S yes definitely yes because it is the best autopilot Electric car In the whole world

It is expensive definitely expensive because it will cost you around $80,000 to $120,000

But it will definitely be going to Worth it for you In the long run as Elon says

If you are buying a Tesla Model S then it will be paying itself off within 10 years Because Tesla is going to launch

A car-sharing cab For anyone with a fair amount of ride money going To the owner.

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