C Function Pointer

We announce a pointer to number, pointer to character or pointer to cluster.

Likewise, we can pronounce a pointer to function or a function pointer.

Same as like factors, functions likewise have some location in memory.

C Function Pointer

A function pointer is a pointer that contains the location of a function. It very well may

be pronounced in the following manner. You should pursue a similar

sentence structure for presentation else you will get a mistake.


return_type (* pointer_name) (argument_list);


int (*p) (int, int);

In the above example, we are announcing a pointer to function or a function pointer that

will contain the location of a function with return type whole number and having two whole number contentions.

The above function pointer p can be appointed location of a function and can call that function

in the following manner. Let’s expect the function with the name fun1().

//storing address of function in the function pointer p
p = fun1; //first way
p = &fun1 //second way
//calling the function using function pointer p
int c = (*p)(2,3); //first way
int c = p(2,3); //second way

As should be obvious in the above example that function pointer can be doled

out the address and can call a function in two different ways. You can utilize any of them.

Let’s make one program that will figure expansion of two numbers utilizing the idea of function pointer in C.

int add(int a,int b)
 return a+b;
void main()
 int (*p)(int,int);


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Right off the bat, I have made a function include() that will take two whole number

contentions, compute their expansion and return the outcome.

Presently in the primary() function, I am proclaiming a function pointer p and

afterwards putting away the location of function include(). This should be possible without utilizing the location of the administrator for example and.

At last, I am calling the function utilizing the function pointer and afterwards

showing the outcome. As I have just referenced over that the calling should likewise be possible

in two different ways. So here we can call the function by basically composing p(5,3).

Beneath I have included a video that will help you in understanding the idea of function pointer or pointer to function in C.

C function pointer is a development theme of pointer and somewhat troublesome as well.

In the event that you have any sort of questions, at that point please notice it in remarks.

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