do-while loop in C

Until now we have taken in the most much of the time utilized circles in C programming which are for and keeping in mind that circle.

Presently let’s find out about the third circle control guidance which is done while circle.

do while circle is much the same as an ordinary circle control guidance which executes a lot of explanations until the condition turns false.

do while circle in C

Till now we have discovered that circles check the condition first before executing the arrangement of articulations inside its body. In any case, this circle is somewhat not the same as others.

It is mandatory that the announcements under the assortment of do while circle will get executed at any rate once in a program.

This circle control guidance executes its announcements first, after that it checks the condition for it.

For what reason do we use do-while circles?

Well, that is an extremely senseless inquiry. You can’t foresee anything before programming some enormous thing.

While keeping in touch with some complex huge projects, there is a need for a circle which will execute explanations in any event once. That is the reason do while circle is presented in C.




do this,

what’s more, this at least once!


Note: Remember composing semicolon after while catchphrase in do while circle. This is the most widely recognized slip-up of a fledgeling C software engineer.

Let’s make one program to get a handle on this circle as well.

void main()
		printf("OMG its working!");


OMG its working!


Well, it’s a basic program to exhibit the utilization of doing while circles. As should be obvious the condition isn’t right with while catchphrase. Yet at the same time, the printf() capacity will get executed once.

Utilization of break and proceed with do while the circle break

break : It will work like different circles. By presenting break catchphrase it will take control outside the circle.

Keep in mind it isn’t prescribed to utilize break watchword inside circles without if articulation.

proceed: The working of proceeding with will likewise work like different ones.

Anyway, do while circle can make some great wind to the projects, whenever utilized appropriately with proceeding with a catchphrase.

This is the last circle control guidance of C programming. I prescribe to give your hands a shot do while circles as well.

In the following instructional exercise, I will reveal to you the most ideal approach to make Menu in C programming.

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