Learn Python Programming For Free: Hello World

In this tutorial, we’ll write our 1st Python program.

To start Python in Windows surroundings Click begin > Python > Python IDLE

As presently as you begin Python IDLE, you get a Python Shell that allows you to use associate degree Interactive Mode in Python Programming surroundings.

Python Hello World Code

	print("Hello World");

after typing this code you will get this output

hon hello world

Note: Before Python three, the print statement was used. once Python three version print statement is changed to print() perform. Still, if you employ print statement in newer version then you may not get a slip. an added issue to notice here is, punctuation mark (;) is elective in Python. If you don’t add punctuation mark at the top of a press release then you may not get a slip.

Python is extremely clear and aphoristic. it’s wonderful straightforward to use interface and awfully easy learning surroundings.

Python in Windows provides U.S. with a Graphical computer programme Integrated into the IDLE. Python IDLE provides the U.S. with 2 modes of the environment:

1. Script Mode surroundings

2. Interactive Mode surroundings

Interactive Mode comes in by default that allows you to use the Python programming surroundings in Python Shell. There, you’ll be able to directly write commands and execute it to envision the output. it’s best for analysis functions. Interactive Mode is maybe the fastest thanks to seeking a tiny low plan and check its results.

As told within the previous tutorial, Python could be a scripting language instead of simply a programing language. The Interactive Mode is ideal if you propose to avoid wasting programs and run them later. to start out the Script Mode in Python IDLE, choose File at the highest left corner of Python Shell and click on New File.

You can think about Python Interactive Mode as a computer memory whereby you’ll be able to strive new concepts quickly thus on verify its usage wherever Python’s Script Mode is where you can craft the ultimate product.

Here, you’ll be able to write your programs in a very file and reserve it to form an feasible file.

Python Code is case-sensitive. So, print, Print and PRINT are completely different. Python doesn’t settle for Print or print statements. It usually accepts solely lowercase characters. it’s been found that Python code length is around four-hundredth of what different languages like C, Java, C++ et al. consume.

Python Hello World Code with Modification

#Hello World Code
print("Hello World");
input("\nPress Enter for Exit");


1. the primary line of this program could be a Comment. The Python interpreter fully ignores these comment lines and is completely for the software engineer. Comments are a valuable feature for any software engineer. It lets the U.S. know the program in a very higher method because it will be simply taken by humans in any language thus on understand the code in a better way.

for making lines as the comments

#comment is here

2. The Second line is that the print command that lets the U.S. show a press release over the console screen for the top User of the program. This command tells the pc to show text on the screen. you’ll be able to use either quotation marks (double) or apostrophes within the print command.





An Expression will be a press release like salutation World or one thing like 2+5 that is value to seven on touch Enter.

3. The Third statement is maybe additional helpful in Script Mode surroundings in Python. This statement helps the output screen to attend for the user to press Enter then Exit the program otherwise it’ll simply execute inside seconds and also the program terminates. you’ll be able to relate it to getch() perform in C Programming surroundings.


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