Learn Python Programming For Free: Introduction

python Is the Most Powerful Programing Language ever created it is simple and Also Very Fast for Execution

so if you are New in learning Programing languages python might be a little tough for you but hey

Never forget that first everything looks hard but after some times it will be easier for anyone to learn any language with ease

So let’s say you are new or a Pro in programming then what is the benefit of learning programming languages such as python

Benefit Of learning Python

Python Is the No.1 Programing Language in 2019 and we believe that it will hold its position for upcoming years.

So the future is going to be totally based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that’s why

Python should be your Number One Choice For Learning the basic of ML or Ai because

Python is heavily used in machine learning and artificial intelligence for training their deep learning models etc.

It’s a good idea to learn Python for specific tasks such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Also in the future, the requirement of Python programming language Will be much greater than today’s Requirement.

Python is the only language that supports Procedural Programming and Object-Oriented Programming Within a single program.

Python is an object-oriented programming language that can be used for High-level Scripting And Also it is an open-source language.

That means anyone can download and run python Without spending a lot of money.

Use of Python

1. Web Application Development

2. Game Development

3. Desktop Applications

4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Installing Python

Here are the following ways for installing Python In different machines with different operating systems


you can install python On Windows by going into python.org and Clicking on the load option for Windows.

You can run python using IDE or by using command-line Tool

Also, You can Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for advanced python Development

Jet Brains pycharm Is the best option for Advanced IDE if you are looking for one

Just go to jetbrains.com and find pycharm and download the latest community version for a free trial.


In Linus python Comes Built-in using its command Line to check it is installed properly or not please type

python –version

it will show on your command line that which version of python is installed of your computer.

Mac OS

for Using Python in Mac OS X you will need an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to do that.

Jet Brains pycharm is the best option for you just go to jetbrains.org to download pycharme for mac os.

Happy learning and if you forget that it is tough for the first time to learn programing

language just don’t forget it will be easier if you are active on the learning path and keep on learning for better results.

python tutorials are comming soon first the normal one then ai and ml to stay tuned for more stuff.

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