SQL – DELETE Statement (to delete records/table)

SQL – DELETE order: Learn about the DELETE order, its syntax examples and so on with questions.

Erase articulation is used to erase a record from the table or erase the entire table.

Erase is a Data Manipulation Language (DML) order which implies it just chips away at the information not on the structure for example on the off chance that the information of the entire table is erased even, at that point the table exists implies its structure doesn’t get erased



table_name: name of the table.

condition: condition as indicated by which a specific record is chosen.

SQL - DELETE Statement (to delete records/table)


Erase all the records from the table


The above explanation will erase all the information/records/understudy from the table Student.

Erase different records from the table

For example: If we need to erase all the understudies who live in the City Gwalior then the accompanying explanation will be utilized

DELETE FROM Student WHERE City=’Gwalior’;

SQL - DELETE Statement (to delete records/table)

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